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We recently asked our Twitter followers where you want to travel on your next vacation.
The poll had four locations; Hawaii, Bali, Italy and UK. The most popular was Hawaii followed by Italy. So here we created a mini guide to Hawaii! twtt

Things to do in Hawaii


Get some exercise and enjoy the beautiful scenery of Hawaii. Don’t forget to pack a pair of some comfy shoes because some the trails are uneven.

  1. Diamond headdownload

An easy trail that is perfect to go with your family.  It is one of the most popular hikes in Oahu that is about 1.6 miles in distance. You can catch glimpse of the gorgeous Waikiki shoreline, bunkers and a light house at the summit.


  1. Maunawili Falls trail

Be prepared to get muddy and messy! At the Manuawukk fall trails you will walk by streams that go upward toward the Mauniili falls. It is a moderate to challenging trail where you will cross over boulders and get a great work out.

  1. Pipiwai Trail

A 4 mile round trip hike located in Maui.  It is a beautiful hike where you encounter incredible sites that would not bore you the whole way. There are a few key points that you want to check out including the bamboo forest and Waimoku Falls.




It is like you are riding a kite on top of the beautiful waters of Hawaii. If you want to enjoy the beautiful ocean view with a little bit of thrill! Definitely bring your go-pro with you to capture the amazing moments.



Swimming in the warm, clear waters of Hawaii filled with tropical fish and beautiful coral reefs, it’s a must do!  It is a fantastic experience that you can enjoy with your family.  Maui is one of the popular islands in Hawaii known for snorkeling.  The island offers shallow and calm oceans that are friendly for beginners, and it is full of marine life.  If you want go see the Green Hawaiian Sea turtle go to turtle town in Southern Maui and take a few selfies with them!147


The sandy beaches, and the beautiful water is great, but the best part of Hawaii is the food!

Here is a few we think you need to try when you go to Hawaii.

  1. Poke bowls


These bowls are seen everywhere now but this dish has been eaten in Hawaii for decades.  The chopped up marinated fish can be bought by the pound in Hawaii.

Kimchee Tako Da Poke

  1. Spam musubi

Combination of Spam, rice and seaweed, sounds simple yet one of the best things to snack on when you are on the road.


  1. Shaved ice

Hot weather and shaved ice are just the perfect match. They have tropical flavors that are amazing and you can add ice cream, mocha balls and condensed milk to make it even better.




Olympic gymnast Kohei Uchimura may be the glorious six-time world champion, but his attempt at catching Pokémon at Rio 2016 has not been so striking.  

Pokémon oh no Kohei Uchimura Rio

Uchimura was one of the many to hop on the Pokémon Go wagon this summer. Unfortunately for Uchimura, he did not have a flat rate for oversea data usage. According to ESPN, he received a HUGE mobile phone bill of 500,000 yen ($5.000) because of the data he used playing the augmented reality game in Rio.

He was lucky enough that his phone company agreed to let him pay a daily rate of 3,000 yen ($30) instead of the shocking 500,000 yen.


But hold on Kohei Uchimura, let XCom Global help you. #YouNeedXCOM


If you were familiar with XCom Global, the high roaming bill and the frustration could have been prevented.  At XCom Global we provide travel Wi-Fi with unlimited data for $7.77 a day. That means unlimited Pokémon catching!

Your phone provider is going to charge you $30 a day, if you stay for another 2 more weeks in Rio your phone bill is $420 plus your monthly mobile fee. At XCom Global we can give you data for $108.78 which is 75% less than your provider.

For all of those that are traveling internationally, don’t forget to take a Mobile Wi-Fi hotspot! Not all providers are nice enough to change your plan and waive your fees.

The Rio summer Olympics is  just around the corner. Who is excited to see all the competition, sweat and heat? We are! With 42 sports, over 300 events and 4,924 medals to be awarded, the Rio Olympic will be surly be the hottest event this summer. Here we chose 7 athletes to watch at the Rio Olympic games.



Usain Bolt7798897987

Sport: Track and Field

Country: Jamaica

Age: 29


  • Men’s 4*100 meter
  • Men’s 200 meter
  • Men’s 100 meter

Usain Bolt already owns the world records for the 100 meter and 200 meter. He is going for the “Triple triple” targeting all three titles. He is also aiming to set a new record for the 200m of under 19 second.


Ledecky_1500_FreeKatie Ledecky

Sport: Swimming

Country: USA

Age: 19


  • Women’s 200 meter freestyle
  • Women’s 800 meter freestyle
  • Women’s 400 meter freestyle

The 19 year old swimmer is ready to show off her skill and make some noise in Rio. She currently holds the world record in 400, 800 and 1500 freestyles. She is aiming to get a faster time this year



Sport: Soccer

Country: Brazil

Age: 24

Event: Men’s soccer tournament

16 men’s soccer teams will be competing in Brazil. For the big win, Brazil called up superstar Neymar as they aim to win their first Gold medal in the Olympics. The five- time World Cup champion is really going for the gold this year. This will be an event you cannot miss.


573px-Rick_and_Kohei_UchimuraKohei Uchimura

Sport: Gymnastics

Country: Japan

Age: 27


  • Men’s individual all-around
  • Men’s pommel horse
  • Men’s vault
  • Men’s horizontal bar
  • Men’s parallel bars
  • Men’s team all- around
  • Men’s floor exercise
  • Men’s ring

“Super man” also known as Kohei Uchiimura is the six time world champion wants to take some gold medals for Japan.


Leila, Liina and Lily Luik13876648_545550375628684_5704207152477068302_n

Sport: track and field

Country: Estonia

Age: 30


  • Women’s marathon

It is believed that the Luik sisters are the first triplet to compete in the same event.  The “Trio going to Rio” barely started training seriously at the age of 24, and now they are taking off to show the world what they got.


13729153_537278269793157_8408146454128217103_nLydia Ko

Sport: Golf

Country: New Zealand

Age: 19

Event: Women’s gold individual

The best female golfer will be at the Rio Games. Lydia Ko already won 4 tournaments being only 19 years old! Golf is a must-see this Olympic since it is a returning sport since 1904 and Ko insists to retire by the age of 30 so catch her in action while you can.


Novak Djokovic1024px-Novak_Djokovic_2007_US_Open

Sport: Tennis

Country: Serbia

Age: 29


  • Men’s double
  • Men’s single

The number one tennis player hopes to get at least one gold medal this Olympic game. Earlier this year he had a shocking early out of Wimbledon on the third round. It is exciting to see how he will overcome this loss and watch him play more aggressively.



It has only been a few weeks since Pokémon Go was released, but it is changing people’s life styles!  Our greeting changed to” How’s your Pokémon?” and we make plans to explore Pokestops around the city. Millions of people are out wandering the streets with their phone out, finding Pokémon.  It is a crazy phenomenon that is getting people out of their couches and together. As one of million Pokémon Go addicts, here is a little guide to Pokémon Go and travels.

Where can you play Pokémon Go?

Currently Pokémon Go is released in the United States, 26 European countries, Australia, New Zealand and Canada. The app has not made it to South America, Middle East, and Asia yet but rumors are that it would be released soon in Asia.

It is exciting to see how the app will do in the Japan; the birth country of Pokémon, and in China, the large country in the world!  An article in Kotatu announced that CEO of Niantic, John Hanke is working closely with partners in Japan to strengthen the server to be prepared for the release.


How to utilize Pokémon go in your travels

In the app there are checkpoints in the game called “Pokestops”, exploring these spots are perfect for traveling. By going to these spots it gives you some experience points, and useful items within the app. These spots are tied to real-world places and you need to get close enough to get credit.

The great thing about this pokestop is that it shows you a photo of the place and sometimes gives you some information on the spot. When the app doesn’t give you any information, it inspires people to look into why that place is significant.



We all heard some of the problems that Pokémon Go is causing. Here are some of the “Don’ts” when you are trying to catch them all.

The Don’ts

  1. Don’t go to memorials, museums, churches, or cemeteries.These places are somber places and it is inappropriate to be playing in front of visitors. The holocaust Museum in Washington D.C. has already pointed out the players were swarming outside the museum and it was distracting visitors. In these places it will be right to turn off your cell phones and have courtesy for others
  1. Don’t play in Hiking trails. You should keep your eye on the trail. There are trees, rocks, and cliffs that can be dangerous.  Hiking trails are habitats for wild animals and we don’t want to distract them nor get caught by them.
  1. Don’t forget to be cautious of your surroundings.If you are playing in public transit, don’t forget to keep your personal belongings by your side. Also make sure to provide room for people to pass or sit down. Once again, have courtesy.


Now that we know a little bit more of Pokémon Go, have fun be safe and we hope you will be the first to catch the rare Pokémon.



Any plans on travelling to Europe this summer? Add Britain in your plan because Brexit made it a great bargain for international travelers....

On June 23, 2016 Britain finally settled to leave the European Union (EU). The final result was 52% to 48% in favor of Brexit.

This decision created a shock wave through the financial markets but for international travelers, it may become one of the best bargains out there.

One reason is the Britain is the HOT spot for travelling is the exchange rate. The Brexit vote caused the exchange rate for U.S dollar to be stronger toward the British pound than it has been in about 3 decades. According to “Travel + Leisure News director Sara Clemence, she told CNBC that goods and services became 15% cheaper overnight after Brexite in Britain.It is said that this favorable exchange rate should last for the next month. However, the rumors of the second referendum might affect these rates.

Another great reason Britain will be the hot travel spot is because air travels will be affordable!  Airfares were lower from the lower fuel prices but, now the airlines will be lowering the price of their airfares since there will be more capacity on the plane from the Britain to the United Sates. British Airways recently had a Brexit fare share that was for only $639 round-trip from New York. This is a great time to take advantage of these prices.

If you decide to visit Britain, safe travels and get yourself a nice cuppa.



Order your mobile hot spot Wi-Fi for Britain HERE!

Travel Apps will make your travels easy-breezy.

Travelling can get pretty stressful. All of the planning, booking and research can get out of control and unorganized. But, the good news is we live in an era with great apps that can make our travel experience better. Here we made a list of some useful travel apps that you can download before your trip to improve your experience on the road.

1. Hopper
If you are flying to your destination and you haven’t purchased a ticket yet, this is a must! Hopper analyzes billions of flight prices and predicts when the best time to fly and buy will be. It also notifies you with price alerts and allows you to save a ton of money!


Credit: Hopper


2. PackPoint
I don’t know about you but, I am one of those people who forget things even after a massive amount of sticky notes. For people like me, PackPoint is the perfect app. It auto creates your packing list depending on what type of activity you will be doing.


Credit: PackPoint


3. Trip It
Tripit pulls travel information from the confirmation Emails for flights, hotels, events and collects it into a single itinerary. All you need to do is forward the Emails and your own personal master travel itinerary is right in the palm of your hand.


Credit: Tripit


4. Tripstir
Tripstir is a social travel platform where people share and discover travel plans, experiences and recommendations with other Tripstir users. It can also connect you with other visitors and locals that will be in the destination during your stay.


Credit: Tripstir


5. Google translate
One of Google’s amazing free services Google translates. It generates a written translation for anything that you type, speak, photograph, or draw on your touch screen. With over 100 languages, this app has been helping out travelers all around the globe.


Credit: Google


6. XE currency

Many of you experienced XE currency on the web. They launched the app version which is as useful where every currency can be converted in seconds. A great feature of the app is that they can store the last updated rates which can convert prices without any internet access.


Credit: XE Currency


7. Livetrekker
LiveTrekker lets you create a digital scrapbook of the places that you visited. It tracks every step that you look and you can insert pictures and share them with you. Now, this is an essential a travel app.


Credit: Livetrekker


Now you have all the apps, now make a “travel apps” folder and let’s start planning !

Your own personal translator. Meet the “pilot”.


Image: Waverly Labs

What? Qué? Quelle? nani? Never again would we be lost in translation while traveling. Waverly Labs is making the world’s first smart earpiece translator which translates between users speaking different languages. This ear piece is called the ”Pilot” and it works in pairs where you wear one earpiece and the other speaker wears the other.

This futuristic earpiece is a very successful Indiegogo campaign where they reached their goal of $75,000 within 15 minuets and after two weeks, they raised over 2 million dollars! They are currently taking pre-orders which start from $199.


Image: Waverly Labs

According to the campaign page, the Pilot is expected to be delivered in May 2017 starting with 5 languages including English, Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese. Between summer and fall 2017 they plan to add another handful of languages.

The earpiece recognizes the speaker and then is passed through a Smartphone app which goes through translation and speech synthesis. Currently the device requires online connectivity but in the later stage of the development they anticipate to crate an offline version. The app is connected via Bluetooth and the listener will receive the translation with a slight delay.

We are excited to see how the Pilot will develop and help people connect around the world.

Lately, we have been seeing cold-pressed juice everywhere! Colorful bottles of cold-pressed juice can be found in local grocery stores, malls and juice bars. Juicing is one of those fun health trends that helps you detox and glow from the inside. Doug Evans, the founder of Juicero hopped on this trend and launched the first home cold press juicer that connects with Wi-fi.

Their mission is to help people consume more fresh produce and manifest true health.
Juicero does this by providing organic cold-pressed juice at home. Compared to alternative juicer, it is on the expensive side where the machine itself is $700. In addition to that, it only works with the premade juice packets which is $5 to $7 a package. Seems like an expensive purchase but, the upside is that juicing with Jucerio is easy and hassle free.


Photo credit: Juicero

Evans built the initial Juice Press in his kitchen in 2013. According to an article on the Verge, Evan’s love affair with juicing began in 1999 when he met a girl at a night club. He mentions that he never heard of being ‘vegan’ until he met this girl and after he tried it out, he never looked back.

Juciero’s Wi-Fi connecting features

An interesting feature of the Juicero is that the system connects to Wi-Fi. The juicer is a smart device that remains connected to the internet for real-time updates.


Photo credit: Juciero

In addition to the real time updates, it works together with their app to provide information of the juice and track when you juiced.


The disadvantage and slightly funny part about connecting to the internet is that the machine would not make any juice if the internet is down. Nowadays, being healthy even requires being connected!

That moment where your loading wheel keeps spinning over and over and you can’t get any connection, its horrible!

A study now officially confirms what many have been feeling all this time: poor internet connection does lead to significant amount of stress.
According to a study done by Ericsson, a Swedish mobile broadband company, delays in streaming videos and loading Web Pages could increase heart rate and eventually result in stress. The experiment was conducted by studying the eye movement, brain activity and pulse of 30 volunteers during internet delays.

Let’s look at some tweets of people struggling with no internet connection

The volunteer were divided into three different groups with different internet speed. One group had no delays, the other had a delay of four to six seconds and the last group had ten to fourteen seconds.

The result they found was that there was a 38% jump in the heart rate and stress level also rose significantly. Stress level almost doubled when the video was re-buffering. The report also reveals that the level of stress can be compared to other situations in everyday life. For example, the stress level was similar to that of watching horror movie or solving a mathematical problem and greater than waiting in line at a retail store.

We don’t want you stressed! Don’t forget to take your Wifi hotspot from XcomGlobal and stay stress free!



BARCELONA, SPAIN – February 22, 2016 – XCom Global, Inc., a leading provider of low cost wireless Internet access rental services for international travelers, announced today at Mobile World Congress (XCom Global Hall H6, Stand 6M55), that it has added LTE coverage in Spain.

XCom Global’s fleet of mobile hotspots, which provide secure, reliable Internet connectivity for up to 10 Wi-Fi enabled devices, have all been pre-tested to ensure that they are compatible with the specific network requirements of the local carrier.

“Having the right equipment is especially critical to achieving LTE speeds,” said Seiji Nishimura, Chief Executive Officer, XCom Global, Inc. “This makes it difficult for people to access LTE when they travel abroad. We have been working hard to add LTE in as many countries as we can. I am pleased to announce that we now have coverage in Spain.”

The new XCom Global Mobile Hotspot, announced earlier this year, will be the world’s first truly global mobile hotspot that utilizes LTE speeds and frequencies in over 200 countries and territories across the globe. It will support 13 LTE bands as well as 4G HSPA+ and 3G connections. Additional features will include: WPA2 encryption for strong wireless security; a 6000 mAh Li-Ion battery for up to 10 hours of use; a USB port that can be used as a power bank/portable charger for additional devices; and support of up to 10 Wi-Fi enabled devices. It is scheduled to be added to XCom Global’s rental fleet as well be available for sale later this year.

XCom Global’s high-speed Internet access rental service provides international travelers unlimited data usage and the freedom to wirelessly roam abroad for a low flat daily rate.  Travelers arrange for their coverage before they set out on their trip so they can have an affordable data connection upon arrival. No technical expertise or unauthorized unlocking is required to receive a private and secure Wi-Fi connection using the company’s World Wi-Fi hotspots, including support for WPA2 and VPN pass-through. Customer service is available 24 hours a day.


About XCom Global, Inc.

Headquartered in San Diego, Calif., XCom Global, Inc. is a leader in providing secure, low-cost, high-speed wireless Internet access to business and leisure travelers. The company offers World Wi-Fi hotspot rentals with broad global coverage at rates substantially below standard international roaming charges. XCom Global is a U.S. subsidiary of an established Japanese company that has been in the forefront of providing travelers with innovative wireless communications services since 1995. For more information, please visit, call 877-520-8242 or contact us at In addition, get updates and travel tips by connecting with us on Facebook and Twitter.