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International Wi-Fi for Business Travelers

The Growing Importance of Wi-Fi for International Business Travelers

When traveling on vacation, not having your Internet connection for an hour or two may not be that big of a deal. You can wait until you get back to your hotel or nearby hotspot to post on your Facebook or watch a YouTube video. To a business traveler, an hour without a stable, fast Internet connection could cost them their job. survey found that over half of business travelers must have Wi-Fi when traveling.  According to Honeywell Aerospace, 90% of airline travelers are willing to give up a physical amenity in exchange for better in-flight Wi-Fi.

Many companies are increasingly utilizing cloud based applications as part of their daily operations. Cloud-based applications are applications used through the Internet to allow collaboration for whatever task the application is designed for, such as email and video conferencing.

Businesses use e-mail daily to communicate to clients, partners and employees.  Public companies need to present their data and results to the public. However, many  travelers have a difficult time finding Wi-Fi on business travel.  It’s important to get information back to your company quickly and reliably while traveling, and having your communication link disconnect abruptly does not benefit you or your company.

For business travelers, having a seamless Internet connection is key, and this requires a strong, reliable Wi-Fi connection while traveling.  It is no longer acceptable to wait until you get back to your hotel or find a Wi-Fi lounge to begin your work.  Even when do you acquire the free Wi-Fi at hotels, the speed is not up to standards with the demands of business travelers.

In this modern age of technology, being out of sync with reality for a few minutes could have drastic consequences.  The business world is a fast paced organization that is constantly evolving and changing with technology.  To counter the absence and sluggishness of free Wi-Fi abroad, mobile hotspot rentals are key to seamless Wi-Fi access while traveling abroad.

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