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Don’t Get Gouged By Data Roaming Rates

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Many travelers underestimate how much data they will use, when they travel abroad – from researching the best restaurants, attractions and local hotspots, to posting photos and videos of their adventures, to keeping up with what’s happening back home, and more. They also often underestimate what all that data can cost.

When you travel internationally, most carriers don’t care whether or not you’re over your data package or not; they’re charging you for your roaming – and it isn’t cheap. Sprint, Verizon, and AT&T roaming charges can run anywhere from a costly $5 per megabyte, to a staggering $20/mb.

Instead of risking insane data roaming charges, one option that the modern traveler has is to rent a mobile internet device from XCom Global. A mobile hotspot or wireless internet card allows you to pay one stable, fixed rate for your internet service, instead of risking massive charges appearing on your bill, once you get home. Don’t let your carriers punish you for traveling abroad; take your data rates into your own hands with XCom Global.

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