Wireless Data Fair Usage Policy
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Fair Usage Policy (FUP)

XCom Global negotiates discounted wireless data rates with carriers worldwide and passes those savings on to you. While XCom Global does not regulate your data usage (you pay a flat rate regardless of usage), our renters are subject to each carrier’s Fair Usage Policy.

Fair Usage Policies are implemented by Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in order to apply a bandwidth cap to a user when a channel shared by many users becomes overloaded or may already be overloaded. These caps vary by carrier and the terms and implementation of the policies are under the ISP’s control. We recommend avoiding certain things that commonly use large amounts of data: streaming video websites and services, cloud based backup or online storage applications, and applications that send or receive data automatically including backup and update services.

XCom Global cannot always override any application of a Fair Usage Policy. If you exceed an ISP’s Fair Usage Policies may throttle your usage by limiting your data allowance or shutting down your access for a period of time. This excessive data usage will not result in any additional costs for your rental, but can limit your actual data usage.