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Help If You Need It

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XCom Global’s mobile hotspots and wireless Internet cards are remarkably easy to use and extremely reliable, as they’re compatible with most modern software and require almost no set up. However, should you have any questions about your device or encounter any equipment issues at all, XCom Global has technical support to ensure that you are able to get reconnected as quickly as possible. Their highly trained and qualified support staff are well-versed in the equipment and are capable of expediently righting any wrongs that arise, or just taking you through any technical procedures that you may find confusing.

The people at XCom are themselves international business travelers, and they understand how frustrating, scary, and costly it can be to not have Internet access while abroad. That’s why they have toll-free numbers that can be accessed both domestically and internationally, fax support, and round-the-clock e-mail support so that you never have to worry about where your Internet is coming from – no matter where in the world you are.

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