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International Wireless Internet Access
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International Roaming Plans

“What are roaming charges?

If your carrier allows data roaming in the countries you are traveling to, you can contract with your carrier for a LIMITED data plan. You will need to be very careful about your data usage. If you go over your limit in using data, you will often have to pay a LARGE DATA ROAMING BILL, and DATA OVERAGE CHARGES. In most cases, you discover these roaming charges only AFTER you return home.
International data Plans

Plan Ahead

iPhone Roaming is now Easy!. Not all smartphones work in all regions, and not all smartphones will accept a prepaid or local SIM. The best option to use your iPhone or smartphone abroad is to rent an XCom Global Mobile Hotspot; it won't matter if your device is a global device or not, or what service plan you have, because you won’t be accessing the Internet through the plan, you will be accessing it through our hotspot. You don't need to worry about unsecured connections, or device/country/SIM incompatibility, and you don't need to "hack' or jailbreak your iPhone.
International Roaming Plans

Convenience Can Cost You

You'll need to plan to avoid paying hundreds, or even thousands in international roaming fees. If you have NO provision for roaming in your data plan, you can get charged as much as $23 per MB for international roaming - approximately the amount of data used to post 1 small photo to Facebook. iPhone Roaming can be especially costly if you have turned on your iCloud service, which constantly passes data between your devices.