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The Problems With Hotel WIFi

J.D. Power Study Shows Internet Usage is Top Problem Experienced by Hotel Guests

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J.D. Power recently published the results of their 2013 North America Hotel Guest Satisfaction Index StudySM.  The study, now in its 17th year, measures overall guest satisfaction across eight hotel segments and examines seven key factors to determine overall satisfaction.

One of the study’s significant findings: “While Internet usage during a hotel stay continues to steadily increase, it remains the top problem experienced by guests. Among guests who experienced a problem during their hotel stay, 31 percent had an issue with their Internet service in terms of connection and/or speed. Interestingly, overall satisfaction among guests who experienced difficulties connecting to the Internet is 133 points lower than among those who did not have problems, whether Internet access was included in the room rate or not.” This validates many of the stories travelers have shared with us about hotel WiFi – that it is not secure, that it is slow, and that it is too expensive.

The persistent problem of unsatisfactory hotel Internet connections is one of the best reasons to rent an XCom Global Mobile Hotspot. We can provide fast, low cost, fixed rate, secure Internet access wherever you are, in your hotel room and on the go.

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