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Announcing New US Mobile Hotspot Rental Plan

XCom Global is excited to announce their new US Mobile Hotspot Rental Plan to inbound travelers visiting the USA and need portable Internet solutions. With pocket-sized MiFi rentals available for a daily flat rate of just $14.95, visitors can connect up to 5 devices at once and share the connection with friends, family, and coworkers.  Simply activate and you are ready to connect to the Internet anytime, anywhere, and access maps, e-mail, social networks, hotel/flight information, and more!

With this new plan, travelers can use their laptops, tablets, smartphones & e-readers across the entire US without incurring international roaming charges.  Furthermore, many hotels and coffee-shops charge for their Internet connection,  forcing patrons to tether themselves to one location in order share a slow connection.  Many places are also closed at night, which can further the frustration of trying to access the Internet. This new service can save travelers time and money by renting a pocket-sized wireless Internet device that enables them to connect anywhere they can receive cell signal.  Extra batteries and insurance are also available, along with first class customer support to ensure a smooth experience before, during and after your rental.

Here’s how it works: Using the online ordering system, let our team of specialists know the dates you will be traveling in the US under the Rental Period section.  “Departure Date” indicates the date you will be arriving in the USA and want to receive the rental, “Return Date” indicates the final day of your rental agreement.  Specify the location, such as the office or hotel you are staying at (including the street address and specific name/company name that it should be delivered to the attention of), and the device will be waiting for you the moment you arrive.  Activate your portable MiFi device with a simple one-button operation, and you are ready to access mobile Internet across the entire U.S.  When you are ready to return, ship the device back using one of our prepaid envelopes and be on your way.

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