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XCom Global Philippines Relief Effort Update

XCom Global Philippines Relief Effort Update

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Jesse Mendoza, JIA president

Jesse Mendoza, JIA president, using XCom Global devices (courtesy of Instagram)

There are many people who will make it onto Santa’s “nice” list this year, and at the top will be the relief workers, many who are unpaid volunteers, who are spending the holiday season in the Philippines providing aid to the victims of Typhoon Haiyan. XCom Global has been proudly supporting these relief efforts by providing Wi-Fi Hotspots for Disaster Relief to improve access and sharing of information.

ShelterBox is a non-profit organization that provides boxes of aid, including temporary shelter, immediately after natural disasters. They have committed to providing these boxes to nearly 6,500 families and have a response team of 24 highly-trained disaster relief experts on the ground who will stay into 2014 to get the job done. Mark Boeck, Senior Trainer at ShelterBox International, posted his feedback via LinkedIn: “Having just returned from deployment in the Philippines and experienced 1st hand the difficulties experienced by a severely damaged infrastructure – the Wi-Fi hotspots provided to the ShelterBox response teams by XCom Global made it possible for us to communicate with teams located on different islands affected by the Typhoon, as well as with our Head Quarters back in the UK.”

Jordan International Aid currently has a team of bay area doctors, nurses and operation members in Tacloban and Palo. This humanitarian team of medical personnel will treat cellulitis, diarrhea, pneumonia, bronchitis, conjunctivitis, hypertension, diabetes, lice, scabies, eczema and many other conditions due to exposure without shelter.  This update was posted recently on their Facebook page: “During our time in Tacloban, we expect to care for over 3,000 victims. (On other missions, we have cared for 2,000 to 10,000 victims). A huge thank you to Palo Alto Medical Foundation, for donating supplies & medicine. AmeriCares donated 700 lbs of medicine, Blessings International sold us 200 lbs of medicine cheaply, XCom Global sent 4 MiFi cellular modems, and WeCareSolar sent 4 solar suitcases for power.”

Immediately following the disaster, Red Cross volunteers in the Philippines and across affected communities rapidly mobilized to support disaster response operations. Now, one month later, 6,233 volunteers are working with the Philippine Red Cross to deliver crucial assistance to those in need. This includes distributing items such as food packages, hot meals, water, hygiene kits, and medical support. In addition, the Philippine Red Cross continues to work closely with the International Committee of the Red Cross to help people re-establish contact with family members who have been separated by Haiyan.

The Red Cross has appreciated XCom Global’s support. Gwendolen Eamer, Media Advisor, Canadian Red Cross said, “As you can imagine, being able to connect online is critical in the field.  In the past we have relied on satellites for Internet access, which can be expensive and temperamental. XCom Global’s mobile hotspot devices provided us with the ability to reliably access specific, up-to-date information that our teams required.”

During this season of giving, we are pleased to be able to support these organizations that continue to give so much to those in need.

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