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Flat rate data usage plans

Mobile Broadband Abroad

XCom Global provides international mobile Wi-Fi hotspots in over 200 countries and territories around the world!

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Avoid Roaming Charges

XCom Global lets you avoid roaming charges with an international Wi-Fi hotspot and prepaid flat-rate data usage plan that works best for you.

Big Savings

Access maps, e-mail, and your favorite apps when you travel abroad for a fraction of the cost other major carriers charge for international data service.

Private & Secure

Travel with confidence knowing that your mobile hotspot rental plan provides safe and secure international Internet access in over 200 countries around the world.

Examples of Flat Daily Rates

Itinerary Rate Example*
Traveling to one country $7.77 flat rate per day On a week-long tour of Spain, you pay
only $7.77 per day for your MiFi Hotspot rental,
plus shipping and handling.
Traveling to two countries $7.77 flat rate per day, for coverage in both countries –the second country is free! You have meetings in Berlin and Shanghai.
You pay $7.77 per day for coverage in both countries - there’s no charge for the second country.
Traveling to 3 or more countries $7.77 per day, first and second countries plus a $30 surcharge for each country there after for the 3rd, 4th and 5th country. etc You have meetings in Berlin, Shanghai and Singapore.
You pay $7.77 per day for coverage in the first 2 countries, and a $30 surcharge for the 3rd country, plus shipping and handling.
*Examples given are for daily rate estimation only, and do not include shipping and handling charges.


Item Details Charge

Shipping &

Handling Fee(2way Service)

Delivery guaranteed one day before departure date. For last minute travel, overnight shipping and Saturday delivery are both available for an additional charge. Please contact XCom Global for pricing.

7 business days or more prior to your departure date is $9.00

4-6 business days prior to your departure date is $19.00

3 business days prior to your departure date is $25.00

2-1 business days prior to your departure date varies:

Overnight 3:30 PM Shipping is $35.00 Overnight 10:30 AM Shipping is $40.00 Overnight 8:30 AM Shipping is $100.00

Saturday Deliveries:

12:00 PM Delivery is $50.00

9:30 AM Delivery is $120.00

*For International Shipping for Canada, Mexico, Australia: $35.00

*All Other Applicable Countries: $80.00

Covers the loss of, theft or damage to rented equipment after $100.00 deductible.


*Damaged or Lost Items

Item Carrying Insurance ($3.95 / day) Non carrying Insurance
MiFi Hotspot /
USB Modem
$100.00 $300.00
Wall charger /

$25.00 / each

*Includes wall charger, USB cable, USB cap,
outlet adapters

*Late Fees & Cancellation Fees

Item Details Charge
Late Fee Late fee(s) are charged Per Day beginning the 2nd business day after your Rental Contract or "Usage Term" expires.

Mobile Hotspot = $10.00 / day

USB Modem = $10.00 / day

*per the Terms & Conditions of the rental agreement



$20.00 Cancellation fee charged prior to shipping products.

$49.90 Cancellation fee charged after the product has shipped. ($20.00 + cost of S&H)

$20.00 Flat fee if canceled before order is shipped

$20.00 + cost of S&H if order has already shipped

Fair Usage Policy

XCom Global negotiates discounted wireless data rates with carriers worldwide and pass those savings on to you. While XCom Global does not regulate your data usage (you pay a flat rate regardless of usage), our renters are subject to each carrier’s Fair Usage Policy.

Fair Usage Policies are implemented by Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in order to apply a bandwidth cap to a user when a channel shared by many users becomes overloaded or may already be overloaded. These caps vary by carrier and the terms and implementation of the policies are under the ISP’s control. We recommend avoiding certain things that commonly use large amounts of data: streaming video websites and services, cloud based backup or online storage applications, and applications that send or receive data automatically including backup and update services.

XCom Global cannot always override any application of a Fair Usage Policy. If you exceed an ISP’s Fair Usage Policies may throttle your usage by limiting your data allowance or shutting down your access for a period of time. This excessive data usage will not result in any additional costs for your rental, but can limit your actual data usage.

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