Europe Mobile Wi-Fi Rental Plans

Get Mobile Wi-Fi In Europe For Only $14.95 Per Day.

Rent a mobile hotspot from XCom Global, and get secure, reliable Internet access in 40 countries across Europe for a daily flat rate.
U.S. Mobile Hotspot
$14.95Per day

Bring Your Own Devices

Connect up to 10 Wi-Fi enabled devices with a mobile hotspot and instantly access Google maps, hotel/flight information, e-mail, and all of your favorite apps.

Avoid Roaming Fees

Never worry about an expensive roaming bill, high overage charges, or “bill shock” from your current carrier. With a daily flat rate of $14.95, you will know the exact cost of staying connected – before you leave!

Stay Safe & Secure

Unlike hotel & coffeeshop Wi-Fi in Europe, which is often targeted by hackers, XCom Global Mobile Hotspots utilize the most up-to-date security for wireless data encryption to protect you from cyber crimes and ID theft.

Travel Europe With Prepaid Wi-Fi

Whether you are looking for the best pizza place in Italy, getting directions to a market in Spain, checking in so that your friends know you are at the Louvre or reading up on the UNESCO World Heritage Site in Belgium your smartphone is your most valuable traveling companion. The only problem is those data charges that you will have to deal with when you return home. XCom Global offers an affordable solution to that problem. With XCom Global Mobile Hotspots you can access maps, reviews and information just as easily as you can back home, but for a reasonable price. No need to limit your Facebook and Twitter updates, and you can post as many photos and videos to as you see fit – all your social networking needs are met with XCom Global's portable Wi-Fi services.
Please Note
The Europe Wi-Fi Travel Plan is only available in the European countries listed above. Be aware that if you use our devices outside of the designated countries, you may not get an Internet connection. If you do connect, you will be charged 1 cent/KB. Also, to prevent unexpected additional charges, be careful not to use our devices in the US before and/or after your trip.
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