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General Questions About Using Internet Abroad

  • Q: What is a Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot?

    A: "Mobile" means our device is small enough to fit into your pocket, a purse or backpack. Wherever you go, with XCom you literally can take Internet access with you, because our device has no wires, and is battery powered.
    "Wi-Fi" is wireless Internet service. Our XCom Global Mobile MiFi Wi-Fi device is completely wireless and portable.
    A "Hotspot" is the area within which you can receive a Wi-Fi Internet signal. Our mobile Hotspot creates a portable ‘hotspot’ that provides you with a wireless Internet connection to your chosen devices – up to 5 – that are within its range. The range of the XCom Global Mobile MiFi is about 30 feet.
  • Q: Who uses Mobile Wi-Fi?

    A: Anyone who is traveling overseas will benefit from Mobile WiFi – a family on vacation, students, business travelers, tour groups and educators will all save money.
  • Q: Can I use my phone – or iPad, or laptop –in other countries?

    A: Sometimes – but be cautious, and plan ahead
    If you don’t plan ahead on how you will access data while overseas, you may end up with a very large bill from your mobile carrier when you get home. Most “smartphones” such as iPhones and Androids, and iPads all have the ability to access public WiFi. However, if you simply use your device on your carrier’s plan, you will probably incur hefty overage charges and roaming fees. A smartphone may access public WiFi, but without a mobile WiFi hotspot your device will begin roaming once you leave the hotspot. This can add substantial fees to your bill!
  • Q: Can you tell me more about international Internet access, and data plans?

    A: Most cell phone providers offer global Internet data plans, but beware - these plans often come with many restrictions, and data plans vary by carrier. If your carrier works in the countries you are traveling to, you can contract with your carrier for a LIMITED data plan. Once you have exceeded the limit, you will be hit with OVERAGE CHARGES, so you will need to be very careful about your data usage. If you go over your limit in using data, you will often have to pay a large roaming data bill. In most cases, you incur roaming charges that you discover only AFTER you return home.
    Your ability to use data roaming and the Internet from your smartphone while overseas depends on the type of phone you have, what you use it for, and what data roaming plan you have – if any. If you have NO provision for roaming in your data plan, you can get charged as much as $23 per MB for international roaming. 1 MB is approximately the amount of data used to post 1 small photo to Facebook. Ouch!
    The best option to use your cellular device or smartphone abroad is to rent an XCom Global Mobile Hotspot; it won't matter if your device is a global device or not, or what service plan you have, because you won’t be accessing the Internet through the plan, you will be accessing it through our hotspot. On top of that, you don't need to worry about faulty, unsecured connections, or device/country incompatibility.
  • Q: How much money can I save?

    A: Hundreds, often even thousands, of dollars. Here’s one example: Research shows people use, on average, 200MB per day of data roaming.  Many of our customers rent XCom Global Mobile MiFis for 10 days, which means they use approximately 2000MB per trip.
    The leading U.S. carrier charges $25/100MB per month, and after 100MB, it charges $25 for every 100MB used. 
    10 days of travel = $500  
    ($25 x 2000MB = $500)
    Another leading U.S. carrier charges $60/300MB per month and after that $30 per each 120MB used.
    For 10 days of travel: $485
    ($60 + 1700MB/120MB x $30 = $485)
    Average cost to use a U.S. carrier for 10 days of international data access: $492.50 (NOTE: THIS IS FOR EACH DEVICE THAT IS CONNECTED!)
    ($7.77 per day x 10 days = $77.70 + $9.00 for FedEx shipping)

    For a ten-day trip, an average savings of $405.80 per device – and the longer the trip, the more you save!

  • Q: Can't I just find an Internet café with free Wi-Fi?

    A: Sure – and good luck. While WiFi is generally easy to find in the States, it can be much more difficult to locate in other countries. So, yes, you can use “free” public WiFi access, if you can find it, and if you don’t mind wasting time in unfamiliar locations trying to find a place with Internet access. On top of that, free WiFi is not secure - you can be hacked! XCom Global devices are secure.
  • Q: What about my hotel Wi-Fi?

    A: Three main drawbacks to hotel WiFi: Cost, accessibility, and mobility.
    Cost: Hotel WiFi can cost $10 to $20 a day and up. In many places, hotels may charge for wireless access not by room, but by device, which limits you to only using 1 of your devices, or paying 2 or 3 times for Internet access to connect all of your devices.
    Accessibility: Often hotel WiFi is a shared connection which can cause bandwidth bottlenecks and slow speeds when multiple users are logged on. Often it is regulated to be accessible only from your room, or the lobby.
    Mobility: If you want to use active maps or your GPS, you'll need a portable source for the Internet - and hotel WiFi and public hotspots are not mobile. You will not be able to refresh your maps or navigation apps on the go!
  • Q: Is using Wi-Fi abroad safe? Do I need to worry about cyber crime?

    A: Free public Wi-Fi networks are not secure!
    “Free” public Wi-Fi networks are not secure, which means your personal data is at risk. XCom Global devices are secure; our portable MiFi hotspots utilize WPA2 technology, the most up-to-date security for wireless data encryption. Devices with WPA2 are much more secure, freeing you from worry about cyber crimes and ID theft while you are traveling overseas.
  • Q: I am traveling on business, can I log into my company’s email network securely?

    A: Yes. XCom Global devices provide VPN pass-through via IPSec, ensuring the safe transmittal of data to and from your corporate account while using your VPN software.
  • How do I install a USB Modem?

    A: It’s easy. Insert the USB device into your computer’s USB port. Your computer should recognize new hardware and prompt the software to run. Sometimes it is necessary to restart your computer. If this happens, please pull the USB device out of the computer USB port, then re-insert the USB device into your computer and try again. Your computer should recognize new hardware and prompt the software to run.

Using the Mobile Wi-Fi

  • Q: How do I set it up?

    A: It’s easy - there is no complicated set up to worry about, and your data is secure. However, you can find an instructional video here to help guide you through the simple process! All XCom Global Mobile MiFi hotspots are shipped with a fully charged battery in the travel case. Simply insert the battery, push the power button, then select the mifi_2372_XXXX Wi-Fi network on your device’s wireless connection manager. Input the password that is supplied on the XCom Global Mobile MiFi. You can connect any device that has Wi-Fi in it Once you arrive at your destination, power up the XCom Global Mobile MiFi, connect, and you’re ready to go!
  • Q: Is there any limit to how much data I can receive?

    A: The data that you receive is unlimited, but the rate at which you use the data must stay within the International Fair Usage Policy. This simply means that you cannot stream video or use excessively large amounts of data for more than short periods at a time. All telecom companies that offer unlimited Internet access still require you to follow this policy.

Questions about ordering

  • Q. How do I place an order?

    Click the order now button on the top right corner of the homepage and place your order online. If you have any questions, our Customer Service Representatives are available to help you, at 1.877.520.8242 or tech@xcomglobal.com
  • Q. What if I need order status or tracking details?

    A: Order confirmation emails with status and tracking information will automatically be sent to the email address you provide when ordering. You may also contact our customer care team by email at tech@xcomglobal.com for these updates.
  • Q. How do you calculate your rates?

    A: Your billing cycle begins the day you depart and ends the day you return. We ship your order so that it arrives one business day before your stated departure date. This gives you time to set up the device, up and ask us any questions you may have, before you leave.
  • Q. Does it come with instructions?

    A: Yes, a User Guide is included in your shipment. You may also download a guide from our web site at support or you may contact us at tech@xcomglobal.com to request a User Guide, and we can forward one to you.
  • Q. Which countries will my XCom Global device work in?

    A: XCom Global selects and activates your hotspot device based on which countries you selected when ordering your device. (In fact, we can connect you to 175 countries around the world. We just need to know ahead of time!)
  • Q: What if my itinerary changes and I need to add a country?

    A: Contact us and we can add another country to your existing device, or send you another device if it is necessary. Please contact us at tech@xcomglobal.com.


  • Q. How can I get a copy of my invoice?

    A: Please email our customer care support team at billing@xcomglobal.com and we'll send a copy of your receipt.
  • Q: When will I be billed?

    A: Orders are charged at the time they are placed through the website. If any additional charges or refunds are made, please allow 7-10 business days after you return for them to be applied to your account.
  • Q: Will I get billed every time I turn on the device?

    A: No, you are charged one daily set fee for Internet access, and you pay this fee up front, when you order your MiFi device. Charges outside of the daily flat rate may include, for example, shipping, insurance, extra batteries, and any other options that you choose to order. You will always know how much you are spending, with XCom.
  • Q. 
What if I lose or break the device?

    A: You will be responsible for replacement cost if you break or lose the device. XCom Global recommends that you carry insurance, and we offer optional insurance coverage. If a device is lost, stolen or broken, assessed penalty fees will be applied. Please review the Terms and Conditions page when placing an order.
  • Q. 
What if the device is returned late?

    A: If products are not returned to XCom Global within one business day after the Usage Term date, additional late fees will be applied, based on pre-selected plans and services. Please review the Terms and Conditions page when placing an order.
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