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What is VPN Passthrough?

What is VPN Pass-Through?

To understand what VPN pass-through is, we must first discuss VPN.  VPN or “Virtual Private Network”, allows you to connect securely to a network such as your business or home while you are away.  With VPN, you can access your company’s resources connected to that network such as printers, fax machines, files and applications while maintaining the secure connection you would have if you were standing inside the office.

The two most common types of VPN are PPTP and IPsec.  PPTP stands for “point to point tunneling protocol” and IPsec stands for “Internet protocol security”.  PPTP is less secure than IPsec VPN connections.

VPN comes in handy especially when you are connected to the internet through a public Wi-Fi connection.  But what if you want to connect to your own private connection while already connected to a private connection?  Now you will need to use VPN pass-through.

VPN pass-through allows you to establish an outbound VPN connection while already connected to a private network.  For example, while visiting a business, you connect to their secure private network, but find out you want to connect to your own private network at home.  VPN pass-through allows you to “tunnel” through the business’s connection, through the internet and establishes a connection to your network at home.  VPN pass-through does not allow inbound connections, only outbound connections from an already secure network.

XCom Global’s mobile hotspot rentals are incorporated with VPN pass-through for IPsec, ensuring the safe transmittal of data to and from your company’s account.  With the push of a button, you have instant access to high-speed, wireless, and low-cost Internet in over 180 countries worldwide.   Customers don’t need technical expertise to use a mobile hotspot, and it does not require any unauthorized unlocking for provision of secure and private connections including VPN pass-through.