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XCom Goes Where You Go

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Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, you’ll want to have consistent, reliable access to the Internet – no matter where you’re traveling to. In some countries it can be relatively easy to find a connection, but in others it can be almost impossible to connect unless you bring your connection with you.

XCom Global’s wireless Internet cards and mobile Wi-Fi hotspots can be programmed to work in 175 different countries across the globe, from the most industrialized, connected nations, to many of the most difficult places in the world to find an inexpensive, secure connection. Their devices work in the US, Canada, and Mexico, Europe, Australia, most of Asia and South America, and even Africa and the Middle East.

Wherever your travels take you and for whatever your Internet needs are, XCom Global has you covered. Don’t leave your ability to find a wireless signal in a strange land to chance, because wherever that strange land is, chances are XCom can connect you.