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Summer Travel Checklist- Be a Smart Traveler

    You’re in your Lyft ride on the way to your airport and you suddenly realize that you forgot your external battery pack for your phone. You have lingering doubt that there is something else that you are forgetting- you left the milk out, and is the coffee...

TOP 10 Gifts for Travelers 2016

Still not sure of what to get your travel buddy? Here are some perfect travel gifts that will make your traveling experience even better!   1. Ollo Clip Lense : 4 in 1 Lense https://www.olloclip.com/shop/lenses/iphone6-4-in-1/ Get these premium phone lenses from Ollo to up...

Is Hawaii on your bucket list?

We recently asked our Twitter followers where you want to travel on your next vacation. The poll had four locations; Hawaii, Bali, Italy and UK. The most popular was Hawaii followed by Italy. So here we created a mini guide to Hawaii!  Things to do in Hawaii Hiking Get some...

Pokémon “Oh-no”: Japanese Olympic Gymnast Kohei Uchimura gets a $5000 mobile phone bill

Olympic gymnast Kohei Uchimura may be the glorious six-time world champion, but his attempt at catching Pokémon at Rio 2016 has not been so striking.   Uchimura was one of the many to hop on the Pokémon Go wagon this summer. Unfortunately for Uchimura, he did not have a flat rate...

7 Athletes we can’t keep our eye off during the Rio Olympics

The Rio summer Olympics is  just around the corner. Who is excited to see all the competition, sweat and heat? We are! With 42 sports, over 300 events and 4,924 medals to be awarded, the Rio Olympic will be surly be the hottest event this summer. Here we chose 7 athletes to watch...

All about Pokémon Go

It has only been a few weeks since Pokémon Go was released, but it is changing people’s life styles!  Our greeting changed to” How’s your Pokémon?” and we make plans to explore Pokestops around the city. Millions of people are out wandering the streets with their phone out,...