Frequently Asked Questions

What is LTE?

It is currently the fastest wireless Internet connection.

How Fast is LTE?

LTE is approximately 10x faster than 3G.  It also The maximum speed can exceed 100Mbps for downloading and 50 Mbps for uploading.  It has the speed of a home broadband Wifi.

*The mentioned speed is theoretical and depending on your environment may not reach that speed.

**Depending on the device in order to maintain the connection the device may automatically drop the LTE connection to 3G connection, which can result in slower speed.

If I choose the upgrade, am I guaranteed LTE speeds the whole time?

Not necessarily. LTE connection is provided when you are within LTE cell coverage.  Of course, if you are out of range or have poor signal strength, you may not experience LTE speeds.

Will the LTE upgrade work everywhere?

Our LTE upgrade option is available in the countries listed above.  If ALL your listed destinations are part of our LTE offerings, the upgrade can be applied.  Conversely, If any of your listed destinations are not part of the LTE offering, the upgrade option will not be available.

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