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I traveled to Scotland for work and XCom Global kept me connected the entire time. Whether I was accessing Google Maps, or looking up restaurant reviews on the fly, or even simply uploading a new Instagram, the Wifi connection was better than I ever could have imagined. Every morning, I would simply tuck the device into my coat pocket and I had service all day long… even from the top of Arthur’s Seat. I’ll be bringing XCom Global with me on every trip I take!!!!

Carly H.

This device exceeded my expectations.  I was able to use the hotspot everywhere in Norway & Sweden — even when other devices such as cell phone and Internet did not work!  I felt so tech-savvy!

Beth F.

I recently rented your device for a trip to Italy and LOVED it!  Thank you for the great service.

Patrick A.

XCom Global- you have top notch customer service and a great product, so all the ingredients for success are there! Thanks so much for creating a fabulous product to keep the world connected!

Mica I.

I traveled through Japan, Hong Kong and Thailand for a full month, and the XCom Global devices I brought for each country were digital lifesavers, to say the very least.  I used them every day to overcome language barriers (via translation apps), look up directions and post updates to social media channels. XCom’s MiFi hotspots are small, easy to use and have great battery life. Traveling abroad has never been easier thanks to XCom Global and I HIGHLY recommend them if you have an upcoming trip abroad!

Hallie W.

Having just returned from deployment in the Philippines and experienced 1st hand the difficulties experienced by a severely damaged infrastructure – the Wi-Fi hotspots provided to the ShelterBox response teams by XCom Global, made it possible for us to communicate with teams located on different islands affected by the the Typhoon, as well as with our Head Quarters back in the UK.

Mark Boeck, Senior Trainer, ShelterBox

We are so grateful to have the use of XCom Global mobile hotspots in the Philippines. As you can imagine, being able to connect online is critical in the field. In the past we have relied on satellites for Internet access, which can be expensive and temperamental. XCom Global’s mobile hotspot devices provided us with the ability to reliably access specific, up-to-date information that our teams required.

Gwendolen Eamer, Media Advisor, Canadian Red Cross

Thanks XCom Global for the awesome Wi-Fi while in France! It was great to be able to talk and tweet!

Signe B.

I loved how easy the mifi was, nicely packaged, great instructions. It worked right away from a power-up all over Oslo for myself and my friend. I work in IT and support a lot of global travelers – I’ve recommended they look into XCom Global for their international travel data.

Lauren M.

The hotspots are a real boon to improving the effectiveness of communication in the field. Thank you again for the generous provision of these units that will greatly assist in maintaining and improving efficiency of our service.

David Hatcher, ShelterBox Volunteer