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Mobile Hotspot Plan for the USA

Going Wi-Fi-Less?

  • How will you contact your friends & family?
  • How will you map your location?
  • How will you check in with work?

Why Get a Hotspot

  • Connect up to 10 devices for a flat daily rate of $7.77/Day
  • Unlimited data
  • LTE/4G/3G compatible

Why XCom Global?

  • We conveniently deliver to your hotel or residence
  • No roaming fees, No overages
  • Save up to 10X on your international phone bill

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How Does the Hotspot Work?

  • Once you receive your device, wait to power it on until arriving at your destination
  • Once arrived, power on your hotspot
  • Once powered on, the hotspot will connect to a local network via a cellular tower
  • Look to your personal device settings and connect to the SSID on your hotspot using your secure WPA2 protected password
  • Once connected, make sure to be within 30ft of your mobile hotspot to remain connected!

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How Does the Rental Process Work?

1. Rent

  • Rent your hotspot online or over the phone. Your order will be waiting for you at the hotel or hostel that you are staying one day before.

2. Connect

  • Once you arrive at your destination, power on the mobile hotspot and you're ready to connect up to 10 Wi-Fi enabled devices

3. Return

  • Send the device back in a prepaid return envelope before you depart from the United States

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US Mobile Hotspot Rental Plan

Rent a prepaid mobile hotspot from XCom Global and stay connected with friends and family when you're traveling in the United States

$7.77 Per day  Order Now!

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