International Mobile WiFi internet Access

XCom Global provides portable, convenient,
secure, international mobile broadband
for all of your devices,
for one flat daily rate of $14.95
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Xcom Global
revolutionizes global data

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-Darren Murph, engadget

"Lucky for you, XCom Global is serving one up
ahead of the mayhem, with a single WWAN
device that enables you to suck down 3G data
in nearly every country on the planet."

“Just wanted to give a shout out to XCom Global for saving me the headache
of scrambling for a connection at this year’s Mobile World Congress
(in Barcelona, Spain). At an event with 70,000 attendees...(more)"

-David Goldman, CNN Money Tech News

“XCom Global – Thumb (drive) Up!”


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XCom Global reviews by USA Today, The Washington Post, The New York Times, Engadget

No Roaming Fees

Never worry about an expensive global data roaming bill, high overage charges, or “bill shock” from your current carrier for international phone service.
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Big Savings

Our global mobile hotspots are up to 70% less expensive than other major carriers’ international phone service, which can mean thousands of dollars saved.
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24/7 Live Support

XCom Global's support team provides 24-hour help all year round and can assist you regarding any technical issues or questions you may have.
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International Wireless Internet Access

XCom Global Mobile Hotspots provide international wireless Internet access for all of your devices, for one flat daily rate

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Smarter Travel

Product Review: XCom Global Mobile WiFi Hotspot

Want to travel smarter? Read this article by Smarter Travel on the XCom Global Mobile Hotspot. "Final Verdict: Fast, secure WiFi that goes wherever you do (even across international borders) all for under $15 a day? We're sold!" - Caroline Morse, Smarter Travel

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Corporate VPN Pass-Through

Corporate VPN Pass-Through

XCom Global Mobile Hotspots provide VPN pass-through using IPSec, ensuring the safe transmittal of data to and from your corporate server while using your VPN software.

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3G and 4G Mobile WiFi Hotspot

Our international 3G/4G mobile wifi hotspots provide global wireless Internet access from virtually anywhere. As soon as you arrive at your destination, you’re ready to surf, post photos, or check email with your portable Wi-Fi hotspot.
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With Portable WiFi from XCom

Never again will you need to search for a hotspot, or wait until hotel check-in for Internet access. With Portable WiFi from XCom Global you’re always connected, wherever you travel.
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International Wireless Internet

Our international wireless internet utilizes WPA2 technology, the most up-to-date security for wireless data encryption, so you can rely on the fact that your information is safe while you travel overseas.
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Connect up to 10 devices with Mobile WiFi hotspot

Connect up to 10 devices with Mobile WiFi hotspot

Perfect for family or group travel, one international mobile hotspot provides instant Internet access for up to ten devices. Any device with Wi-Fi (Smartphones, MACs, laptops, iPads, etc.) can access the Internet, so you can bring your own devices and use your own apps.
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paris wifi

Introducing Mobile Broadband - XCom WiFi

Jetset Report lets its readers know how XCom Global can save them from vacation WiFi anxiety by providing a "BYO-internet service that frees you from vacation dead zones."
- Low Price $14.95 per day for Unlimited Data in 175+ countries
- Connect 10 devices simultaneously over Secure Wi-Fi (WPA2, VPN-IPSec)
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