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Rent a Mobile Hotspot for Your Travels Abroad

XCom Global is the best way to stay connected and save money while on the road. We operate in over 175 countries for a flat rate of $7.77 a day.

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Your Travel Sidekick

  • Safe connections
  • Connects up to 10 devices
  • 4G/LTE connections
  • Potable and lightweight
  • 24/7 customer supportCompatible with any frequency, compatiable to any device
  • No overages, flat fee of $7.77 a day

How Mobile Hotspots Work

The mobile hotspot taps into the cell tower that is near you. It would pick up the strongest signal and allow you to connect with your Wi-Fi enabled devices.
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Wi-Fi or No Wi-Fi?

Finding resturants, getting a ride, and finding nearby events. How are you going to do that without any connection? Here are some ways how a mobile hotspot can come in handy!
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How To Rent

step1 rent step 2 delicery step3 connect step 4 return


Rent your international mobile hotspot for $7.77 a day! XCom Global Mobile Hotspots provide international wireless Internet access for all of your devices, for one flat daily rate

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