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The Difficulty of Finding Wi-Fi On International Business Travel

The Difficulty of Finding Wi-Fi on Business Travel

Here in the United States, free public Wi-Fi can be found around any street corner and probably right where you are at this moment. For those traveling abroad, a public Wi-Fi hotspot can be a little harder to find.

Many businesses such as Starbucks and McDonalds offer free public Wi-Fi in their stores, however, they are not as common as in the United States and can be difficult to find, which can be frustrating for business travelers where every minute is valuable time.

When you do find free Wi-Fi access such as the hotel you are staying at, the reliability and strength will most likely not meet your needs.  According to Andrew Yorra, co-founder of Eleven Wireless, the average speed of free Wi-Fi services in hotels is 1 mbps.  This is okay for email and web surfing, but watching HD videos or conference calls, you will see poor performance.

In February, 2013, a survey by found that over one third of global travelers said free Wi-Fi is the number one factor in choosing hotels.  When traveling for business over half said free Wi-Fi was the determining factor in choosing hotels and two thirds said free Wi-Fi is the amenity they wanted for hotels in 2013.

Today’s business travelers require high-speed Internet in order to conduct video conferencing, sending and receiving large files and searching for videos and emails. Data limits, international roaming fees, and free Wi-Fi hotspots that offer limited and slow service make the hunt for free Wi-Fi difficult and tiresome.

Frustrations about hunting to find Wi-Fi overseas is making more and more people switch over to renting mobile hotspots for their international travels. With mobile hotspot rentals, you know the exact cost of what you will be spending for a stable, fast connection before you even leave the country.  Don’t wait for the hotel bill to surprise you with ridiculous fees for Wi-Fi costs that you weren’t aware even existed.

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