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FBI Warns Against Using Hotel Wi-Fi

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The FBI has released a warning to travelers, particularly those traveling internationally, about the dangers of using your hotel’s public Wi-Fi network. The Internet Crime Complaint Center reported that there has been a rash of identity theft incidents involving US travelers encountering pop-ups when attempting to sign in to their hotel’s Internet network that, when clicked, installed malicious software on their computer. The FBI also reported that airports, conference centers, and other locations with large, shared networks are also high-risk situations for identity theft.

One solution for keeping your personal and work data secure is to use a private mobile Internet connection, such as a wireless Internet card or personal mobile hotspot from XCom Global. Bringing your own network with you means that you don’t have to open up your computer to potential identity thieves and hackers that prey on the unprotected. Cyber crime is becoming more and more prevalent for international travelers, but XCom Global helps you stay protected.

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