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XCom Global partners with ShelterBox to bring Wi-Fi to Philippines for Disaster Recovery

XCom Global Partners with ShelterBox to Bring Wi-Fi to the Philippines

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It is estimated that Typoon Haiyan destroyed more than 550,000 homes across several regions in the Philippines. One of the first things many victims needed after the storm hit was temporary shelter. That’s where ShelterBox comes in. This non-profit organization responds instantly following natural disasters by delivering boxes of aid to those in need. Each ShelterBox supplies an extended family with a tent and essential equipment to use while they are displaced or homeless.

To date, ShelterBox is committed to providing these boxes to nearly 6,500 families. They have a response team of 24 highly-trained disaster relief experts on the ground and have committed to stay into 2014 to get the job done.  Several of the team members have been equipped with XCom Global’s mobile Wi-Fi hotspots. Having secure, reliable Internet connectivity during recovery efforts has proven to be invaluable – giving team members improved access to information and communications.

David Hatcher is a retired police chief and now dedicated ShelterBox volunteer and trained Response Team Member. This is the first time he has used an XCom Global mobile Wi-Fi hotspot and the benefits became immediately clear to him as soon as he powered it up in the field. David recently sent us this update: “The hotspots are a real boon to improving the effectiveness of communication in the field. Already ShelterBox has teams spread across the area of the Typhoon damage and in particular is now working in Tacloban and a number of other locations that have been affected by both the typhoon and the storm surge. Thank you again for the generous provision of these units that will greatly assist in maintaining and improving efficiency of our service.”

XCom Global is pleased to offer grants to relief organizations and volunteers like those with ShelterBox who are participating in disaster recovery and other charitable missions. More information can be found on our Disaster Relief webpage.

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