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No More Overseas Data Fees For T-Mobile Customers

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T-Mobile announced yesterday that they are eliminating international roaming fees for using data and text services in more than 100 countries, and also capping charges for international voice calls.

This news came as a shock to many travelers, as roaming fees are a very profitable revenue stream for the wireless industry, as they can easily reach hundreds or thousands of dollars for a trip.  T-Mobile said they are looking to put an end to these exorbitant costs for consumers.

Under T-Mobile’s new roaming plan, you won’t have to activate anything or pay an extra monthly fee to access cellular data service. The new plan launches on Oct. 31, and consumers will automatically have coverage during their travels abroad.

There’s only one drawback: only T-Mobile’s slow, unreliable 2G data service is included in the promotion. While this coverage may be adequate for light data users that have no qualms with waiting half an hour to check e-mail, it won’t mean much to business travelers and other power users that have heavy data usage requirements or need to use cloud-based applications such as e-mail or video conferencing.

Under T-Mobiles new data roaming plan, customers will also have to pay a flat rate of $0.20 per minute for voice calls to any countries included in the plan or the U.S. Making calls to countries outside of the plan can cost upwards of $1 per minute in many places.  Furthermore, the service is only available for the phone and does not allow for tethering devices, therefore many travelers will still have to hunt down an Internet connection if they need to connect a laptop, tablet, or other Wi-Fi enabled device.

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